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Escape The Backrooms

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The game is a rather atmospheric horror, in which several people can participate at the same time. It can be done alone or with four people. According to the plot, a group of people find themselves in a rather strange room in which they were locked. Now they have to find a way out to get out, because here they are in danger. To pass, you need active interaction with other players. For this, an internal voice chat is connected, which simplifies communication.


The game should follow a few basic rules that are relevant to many horror games. For example, it is highly undesirable to separate and not lose sight of each other, since the internal space can change, and the players will be separated. Where previously there was an obvious passage, there may be a blocked wall.

The game has 8 levels. The former are the simplest and the latter are the most complex. Almost all locations on each level are decorated in gray and yellow colors with an inflating atmosphere. The view in the game is presented in the first person, as the video is fed from the character’s camera, which he always carries with him. Sometimes there may be interference in the picture, which indicates the approach of otherworldly creatures that carry with them a danger to the characters. At such moments, cooperative interaction is especially important, so always sticking together is simply necessary for effective passage.

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