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The Baby In Yellow Black Cat

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Are you wearing diapers right now? Cause you might need them in this new installment of Baby in Yellow! This time, we have a mysterious black cat prowling around, ready to send shivers down your spine in the strangest ways possible. What’s it all about and how to survive? Play and see!

Another weekend with the demon kid!

Imagine finding yourself trapped in a house that seems innocent at first glance, but quickly reveals its dark and eerie secrets. And who’s the star of the show? None other than a creepy baby dressed in a haunting yellow outfit. This teeny-tiny terror is crawling around, lurking in the shadows, and waiting for the perfect moment to send you running for the hills.

What about that black cat!

But here’s where things take a turn for the unexpected. Enter the mysterious black cat, a feline of enigmatic origins. This mischievous kitty will be your guide through this bizarre nightmare, popping up when you least expect it and offering cryptic clues in the most casual and nonchalant manner imaginable. One moment it’s purring sweetly, and the next it’s staring at you with eyes as dark as the abyss, sending chills down your spine.

The black cat seems to have a mind of its own. It will playfully lead you through the dark hallways, disappear when you need it the most, and reappear without warning. Follow this enigmatic feline and find out what part it plays in the new chapter of the horror story about a possessed toddler and a brave nanny! Hopefully, you’ll make it till the end of the weekend…

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