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Roblox Doors

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The adventure game is designed for both one and several players. A group of 1-4 people is engaged in the study of the hotel. Their main goal is to learn all the secrets of this place, after which they will need to get out of the hotel. The rooms are full of secrets and mysteries. Here you can find various tables and chests of drawers that store items of interest to players. They can be located both inside and outside. To collect everything, you will need to search every room, look around the corners and secret places, but it will be impossible to remember everything.

The world of doors is open for you!

The main feature of the game is that the internal content of the hotel is generated differently each time. There is always a set of certain rooms with key objects and places, but their order and location changes. Players have the opportunity to use furniture, not only to search for items, but also to hide. Here you can climb under the bed or in the closet. In some rooms, you will need to find keys that open doors that allow you to go further in exploring the secrets of the hotel. At the same time, objects are often hidden quite well and not obvious, so you will have to look well for them in all places, faced with new riddles.
In some rooms there is no lighting, as a result of which it is necessary to use additional light sources. Here the player meets a lot of different creatures with their own movement patterns and goals.

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