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Geometry Dash Horror

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The game is largely reminiscent of the original, but here the main focus is on the horror genre. You are still playing as an unstoppable square that is constantly moving forward. Only this time you find yourself in a mysterious castle full of various deadly obstacles. The gloomy atmosphere and detailed background work create an extraordinary atmosphere where you find yourself in deserted rooms with stone walls. Lighting here comes only from torches and candles. The whole atmosphere suggests that you should not expect good here, and literally the first levels confirm this.

Get ready for the scariest track of your life!

The main gameplay is based on the fact that you move forward through the level and cannot stop, change the direction of movement, its speed. Everything steadily moves on until the hero reaches the end. The only control button here is jump. You can jump to avoid the obstacles that constantly appear on the way. It only at first glance seems that everything will be simple and easy to jump over. In fact, you literally have to memorize the track, because you need to react to all changes in the situation instantly.

On the way the character will meet spikes, pits and platforms, thanks to which you can avoid a collision. You need to choose the right moment to jump and keep your cool when you don’t need to jump. In addition to the main setting and design, unlike the original, the death of the protagonist is also changed here. Everything is done here in such a way that you obviously don’t want to die a second time in the same place.

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