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Rainbow Friends

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The main characters of the game go to a special amusement park, where they arrive by bus. But instead of getting to the right place, they get into an accident, as someone overturned the sign, and the group couldn’t get to the park. Now they have lost the bus, some of the characters have lost consciousness. Next, they find themselves locked in a room where someone asks for their help.

Brilliant and gripping horror

The game is made in the horror genre with fairly simple animation and addictive gameplay. The main plot is divided into several stages, which are separated at night. The player will have to survive several levels in order to complete the tasks required to escape from this place during the night. When completing the task, you can move around almost the entire building, as many rooms open up. To open others, you need to perform certain actions.

During the first night, you need to find all the scattered cubes, and then transfer them to the rooms with the theater. In this case, the characters will be hunted by a monster that will try to grab them. The task must be completed without getting caught by the enemy, so you need to act carefully and quickly. Further, during the second night, the team will already get hungry and will need to find food, which should also be transferred to the theater. The task is complicated by the fact that the second monster is added to the company to the first one. This way, every night will be more difficult, but it will bring the group closer to victory.

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