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The Backrooms Complex: Expedition

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Get ready to step into the radiation-soaked boots of an intrepid scientist, ready to take on the Backrooms like a boss! This is the first official expedition into this murky realm that is meant to shed some light of what’s really going on there. Can you survive this crazy maze of endless hallways and twisted rooms? Let’s find out!

Uncover the murky secrets of the Backrooms!

As you venture deeper into the wacky dimension of the Backrooms, you’ll face mind-bending challenges that’ll make your brain do the cha-cha. It’s like an escape room on steroids, with puzzles that’ll test your wits and your patience. But hey, no worries – you’ve got the brains of a super sleuth and the determination of a marathon runner!

Only it’s not just puzzles you’re dealing with – oh no! The Backrooms are like a haunted house from a bad dream, filled with creepy entities that’ll give you goosebumps the size of pineapples. You’ll be tiptoeing around trying not to catch their attention. And you don’t wanna mess with these guys!

And whatever you do, don’t forget to check in with your sanity meter! Keep it in check, cause if it drops too low, you’re in for a wild ride of deadly hallucinations. But don’t freak out just yet – you’ve got options! You can play the “Speed Run” mode, where you channel your inner Usain Bolt and find a way out in the shortest time possible.

Or go for the “Endurance” mode, where you test your mental fortitude and hold up in the Backrooms for as long as you can before you go mad like a rockstar at a never-ending party. So, get ready for the ultimate adventure in The Complex: Expedition! It’s time to rock the Backrooms!

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