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Amanda The Adventurer

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Think those old puppet cartoons are all so cute and nice? Amanda the Adventurer will make sure you never watch them the same way again! Get ready to embark on a totally tubular journey back in time to the land of VHS tapes and beyond!

Everything starts when you stumble upon this dusty old tape. You insert it into your dilapidated recorder – and surprise, it’s that ancient kids show your grandma probably used to watch back in the day. There’s Amanda, this pint-sized host with a heart of gold, and her trusty sidekick, Wooly the ship. How lovely, right?

When a kids show turns into a horror movie

So you dive into these dust-covered tapes like an old-school detective. Quests and puzzles await you at every turn. Each tape is like a groovy level filled with riddles, challenges, and mysteries just waiting to be cracked open like a nutty coconut. It’s all very exciting and fun!

But wait, things are gonna take a trippy twist soon enough! Amanda might seem all sugary sweet and full of rainbows, but hush-hush, she’s got a hidden dark side. Oooh, spooky stuff! Watch out, cause when the moon’s just right, that evil side of hers is gonna come clawing its way to the surface.

As you binge-watch these tapes, you’ll uncover secrets and unravel the mysteries behind Amanda’s dual personality. Are you ready to boogie and uncover the ultimate truth behind this twisted TV tale? Will you be able to keep your cool and keep the dark side at bay, or will you succumb to its crazy chaos? You won’t find out until you play Amanda the Adventurer!

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