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Garten of Banban 4

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The game perfectly combines a simulator and logic puzzles, which are woven into the atmosphere of horror. This is a direction that is quite popular now, in which you have to help the character get out of the location, avoiding the attack of monsters and solving riddles using the located objects. The design is quite simple, but in an interesting cartoon style, which creates a contrast with the general plot and focus. The game is designed for a single passage without a multiplayer mode.

Creepy rpg with an unexpected denouement

In the fourth chapter of the story, the player will again have to go to a kindergarten called “Banban”. Previously, he had to deal with animated monsters in the form of toys, but now a new adventure awaits, in which many new mysteries and dangers await.

This time, the player needs to explore the kindergarten in order to help the survivors escape. To do this, you need not only to find those who remained in the kindergarten, but also to clear the way for them so that they can get out. To solve tasks, you need to solve puzzles that appear on the way. Some of them will require the use of special items located in different parts of the locations.
The main goal of the chapter is to find the missing child. In a suspiciously empty kindergarten, you need to find traces of everyone who stayed here against their will and free them, which will help find your child among the rest.

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