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Grimace Shake Horror Unblocked

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It is a new viral horror adventure that was unintentionally launched by McDonald’s. Do you know the best friend of Ronald, the company’s mascot? Of course, you have seen this monster-looking creature who is fond of milkshakes. It is Grimace, a cute star of fast-food restaurant ads! Are you happy to see him again in a cool challenge with horror elements? Then put away everything else and dive deeper into this exciting story!

Who is Grimace?

If you know nothing about the personage, here is short introduction. He looks like a beast from a distant planet – large and anthropomorphic. And his round shape with short arms and legs are purple! Grimace is fond of milkshakes. Originally, this personage has a funny role – an evil monster with multiple arms would steal milkshakes. But with time, this creature has fully transformed into a friendly, lovable character who just dreams of another milky beverage. But one of the recent event has changed a lot. Grimace has a birthday in June, and the company decided to launch a new milkshake to this date. However, a nice idea has turned into something rather thrilling. This time, the delicious milkshake is meant not for that enjoyable personage but for you! And the consequences are far from being predictable! Are you brave enough for this risky adventure?

Drink the treat and remain alive!

So you are offered to taste a strange beverage in purple color. But rumors say it can turn out to be poisonous and you may die. Is it really possible or not? Nobody can tell you for sure. You never know what will happen you after you empty the glass. But you are ready to test it, aren’t you? It is a collection of cool mini-games, where player finds himself in different weird situations after drinking this bright milkshake. In most of them, you will see transformed Grimace. Now he is a monster hunting after you. In some episodes, you will even wake up inside his belly. So no matter what – you must act without delay to survive! Try different strategies and tactics to outwit your opponents and mislead everyone you meet to win. You will get tons of positive emotions as mini-games are full of unexpected twists. These all seem to be caused by a strange milkshake. You can never predict what will happen to the next player who tastes it. And the consequences are literally horrible! Are you still ready to make a few sips of this purple beverage?

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