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Grimace Shake GTA

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The Grimace shake challenge seems to penetrate everywhere. And now it is in GTA! What can be common between the strange beverage and the criminal adventure with true gangsters? Everything is simple – the main character of GTA dropped in at McDonald’s to get a big portion of a delicious milkshake. So he pays for it and brings home to enjoy. The protagonist does not believe suspicious rumors about this shake and empties the glass in just a few gulps. And this is where the scenario turns a really unexpected turn. The shake will actually turn out to have a very strange effect.

Grimace will confront you!

The main character wakes up in some dull place. It looks like a maze full of dangers. You need to help the hero explore it, avoiding numerous traps and obstacles around. But what is really frightening you will hear a strange noise around. It is Grimace hunting after the protagonist and trying to capture him. Concentrate on your mission – you must complete all the trials before you find an exit from this terrifying maze. Do your best for the evil antagonist not to capture you. He is just waiting for you to lose your vigilance to attack you. Do not give up! Few more steps and you are safe again!

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