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Ned Flanders Horror

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Ned Flanders has always looked like the friendliest neighbor who, no matter what, will be polite, patient and help those in need in difficult times. But somewhere inside him, grains of irritation still grew, and his patience snapped at once. Now he is ready to kill everyone who gets in his way, especially if these people have previously abused his trust.

Simple controls and quality gameplay

The player is given the opportunity to control Ned Flanders, who turned out to be obsessed with murder and is ready to vent his own malice. You need to get into the neighbor’s house where the Simpsons live and kill everyone who is in it. This applies even to the children of the main characters of the animated series. There will be a carnage in the house, in which only one will survive and the goal of the player is to make sure that Ned Flanders is the survivor.

The game conveys facial expressions and other features of the cartoon characters well. The main voices from the cartoon were also taken here. In the game, you need to find weapons that are scattered across various locations and use them against the characters you encounter. Each weapon has its own animations and effects from the application. The game will appeal to both fans and non-fans of the Simpsons.

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