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The game belongs to the horror genre, in which you do not have to move through dark and gloomy rooms, but still you will need to deal with monsters that are terrifying even in the light. The hero falls into a rather strange trap, in which there are countless rooms without doors. These are lighted and deserted spaces that at first glance may seem friendly and safe enough, but in reality they are not.

Ahead of the battle with an invisible creature

One has only to study the situation a little, as it becomes clear that something is not right here. It is recommended to play with headphones, as you need to determine where the sound source is. You will hear suspicious noises that may point you in the right direction or mislead you. In half a minute you will realize that you are not alone in this room and that what is possibly next to you is not friendly.

While moving around the rooms, you will hear the crying of a baby, the sounds of playing the guitar, incomprehensible noises, the voices of other people. All of this is to say that not only are you hearing someone otherworldly, but that “someone” is definitely hearing you. The player has a timer set for how long he must hold out until he is captured by a monster. It is almost impossible to see it, so you have to focus solely on the sound.

In some moments, when the enemy gets too close, the character may experience an adrenaline rush, which will allow him to run away from an invisible creature. But you should not tempt fate, as fatigue can quickly appear, and you will find yourself in the clutches of the enemy.

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