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Grimace Shake Horror 2

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Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. There are huge, hairy monsters, all fangs and claws, that prowl around with ominous snarling and can instantly tear you into shreds. There are ghostly monsters staying out of your sight and slowly driving you paranoid and panicky. And there is Grimace Shake Horror 2! Prepare to uncover the secrets behind the new McDonalds meal and find out the truth about the creepy blueberry dude hunting you!

When blueberries go evil

So what kind of a monster are you up against exactly? There is no precise knowing what or who it is. On the outside, this creature looks like a giant blob of dark violent color that walks, talks and makes faces. And since it appears right after you drink that stupid blueberry shake that arrives at your door, you can just suggest it has something to do with that shake or came out of it somehow. Anyways, the creature locks you up in some kind of a parallel reality and you have to complete a series of tasks to get out.

These tasks will largely include exploring some creepy and dimly lit place, wandering around and collecting certain items. And the blueberry monster will be right there, patrolling the maze and getting in your way when you least expect or need it. The game ends right there – apparently, interacting with this creep in any way is lethal, so that’s the thing you have to avoid first and foremost if you don’t want it to be game over. Luckily, it takes one hit on your space bar to restart, so you’ll have as many attempts as you need.

The controls are really basic. Just control your character with the help of the good old arrow buttons and click on objects to pick them up or activate them. You can also crouch to stay out of Blueberry’s sight (maybe, it will save your life once in a while, although this blob bastard is rather sneaky and always pops up out of the blue, pun intended). The whole thing runs from a first-person perspective, making you feel like you’re really in that unlucky guy’s skin and adding to the atmosphere of suspense and thrill.

Just as creepy as it’s wacky!

The gameplay of Grimace Shake Horror 2 is a combination of goofiness and creepiness. Everything that is going to happen to you as part of this deranged horror story looks nothing short of an acid trip gone bad or some kind of a wacky cartoon. Yet there is a distinct sense of danger in the air. As you wander through the eerie halls and stairs of this loony McDonald’s hangout, you can’t feel safe eve when you think there is nobody around. Because it’s definitely not for long! The blueberry monster is near…

So if you feel hungry for some skin-crawling horror experience, give Grimace Shake Horror 2 a try. It will take you on a spooky journey through a desolate and scary fast food restaurant that will send shivers of all sizes and degree of intensity down your sweating spine. Can you get away with your life? You won’t find out until you give it a shot! Your second helping of Grimace Face shake is already waiting at the doorstep. Bottoms up!

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