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The Grimace Shake

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Have you already heard of Grimace shake, a revolutionary beverage that has caused a lot of noise in social networks? McDonald’s has managed to make it viral. Are you also in the trend to learn more about this cool thing? It is going to be an incredible adventure! You definitely know Ronald, the main mascot of fast food restaurant. But what about his best companion that is crazy about milkshake. We bet you have guessed the name – it is Grimace!

Taste a purple milkshake!

This cute personage has received a great gift for his birthday. McDonald’s knows well he cannot live without milkshakes and prepared a new recipe for their mascot. Of course, it is another beverage. And this time it comes in the matching color to the birthday boy. It is purple and looks absolutely delicious. Moreover, the same treats are offered to all the guests of the fast food restaurant. The clients are happy. But wait, there is some strange feedback about the Grimace shake! Some terrible rumors say that those who have consumed it are already dead! Is that true or not?

Are you still ready to drink it?

With a viral trend being shared over the Internet, it is obvious you also like to give it a try. But are you going to join the crowd of those unfortunate players who are dead? Nobody knows your personal outcome in this challenge. But you are determined to test it, aren’t you? Dive in a serious of short horror episodes to witness the most unexpected scenarios after drinking the Grimace shake! It is going to be a hilarious adventure for brave players! Go through tons of the most ridiculous hurdles to see whether you can successfully survive. Lots of fun is promised during the walkthrough!

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