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Grimace Shaker

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The game was based on a rather unusual but rather popular trend, where various people drink a purple McDonald’s shaker and fake their death after that. The developers have developed this idea. You play as an ordinary person who is at home and does not suspect anything. An order is delivered to him, in which there is just the same purple shaker. Sitting on the sofa in front of the TV and drinking a little drink, the character begins to understand that something is wrong in the house. Extraneous sounds, shadows of unknown creatures, inverted objects. All this makes you study the situation around and just from this moment the horror game begins.

Fresh plot with unpredictable development

The player will have to solve a riddle that leads to death, as well as hide from monsters in order to survive. It turns out that all these deaths happen for a reason. After surviving the level with the house, you go to McDonald’s, where there are not only employees who can cook the order, but also a killer with a knife. He will pursue the player until he manages to escape or complete all the tasks assigned to him. Here you need to act quickly and monitor what is happening behind your back, as danger can sneak up unnoticed.

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