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Roblox Grimace Story

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Grimes is having a birthday, to which many acquaintances have been invited. At first, nothing boded well. The guests were in the room and waited for the birthday person to appear, ordered various treats for themselves and had fun. They were soon invited into a room filled with chairs and a countdown television.

After the timer finished counting, Grimes himself appeared and then the guests began to disappear. He was offended that people wanted to drink his celebratory cocktail, as a result of which they would be punished. The main character needs to survive, and this requires completing tasks given by Grimes. Now he needs to look for things that were hidden, complete tasks for the time being and do other things that come to the head of the party owner.

Change of locations and an exciting adventure

The game has created quite interesting and spacious locations. You will be mostly in the house, but the situation will be constantly changing. When the light is turned off in the room, the character will run around with a flashlight that illuminates only a small part of the room and use other light sources. In such conditions, you will need to look for items to advance further in the story.
The game perfectly combines story components, components of the horror genre, adventure and hidden objects. Mindfulness is required here, as finding new things can take a long time if you miss something important.

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