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Grimace Shake Horror

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Remember your mom constantly telling you how McDonalds food is bad for you? Well… it turns she was right! But it’s not just health and extra weight concerns that are going to hit you in Grimace Shake Horror – you’re about to be stalked and jumped by some kind of a fast-food monster who will put you through a series of tests apparently running inside his wacky belly! Intrigued? Time to plunge right in!

Not your ordinary McDonalds delivery

The whole thing starts quite mundanely.You’re this guy addicted to nighttime binges who decides to order some McDonalds. Upon a ring on the door, you find a neat violet box packing your late meal and a bubbly XXL shake, apparently new on the menu. Totally unsuspecting, you plop down on your couch, take a sip and…

There is another ring on the door. You think the delivery guy probably forgot something, but you don’t find anyone. Instead, there is a strange violet blob with a human face waving at you from behind the window. Who the heck is it and what does he wants? Hold on, the answers are about to come pouring soon! As you return to the couch, you discover the blueberry blob already inside the house, although you obviously didn’t let him in. He moves in on you, the screen goes black and you find yourself subjected to the first round of insane Grimace Shake Horror quests.

Complete the tasks and get away from that blueberry creep!

The first thing you need to do is collect all three ingredients of the very meal you got delivered just a few moments earlier in a creepy basement. Just as you would expect from a horror game, it’s a murky maze with lots of corridors, doors and ladders you can walk and climb in search of the stuff. At first, it seems empty, but then you encounter the same violet creep who pounces on you and you die. That’s how you understand you have to avoid coming into any kind of contact with this bizarre and spooky creature at all costs.

Basically, that’s the only thing you will be busy with playing this game. There are no tricky puzzles to solve, no hidden keys to find and nothing to wreck your brains over. Staying on your guard, however, is crucial for survival. Especially in the light of the weird notes you’re tasked with collecting around the facility next!

These notes seem to have been written but the evil blob hunting you. And the more of them you discover, the better you understand this creature’s true intentions. While the first three notes express utter anger, resentment and threaten to kill you, the last two actually say the blob acts this way because the society won’t accept him.

Depending on the objects you choose to interact with and decisions you make, there are several endings to unlock. And even though the game itself doesn’t take long to pass, there is some replay value, and the whole creepiness and wackiness of what’s happening will just keep you glued to the screen until you uncover all possible outcomes of this horror adventure. So enter the mad world of Grimace Shake Horror right now and enjoy your game – and your drink!

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