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Fred’s Cereal Company

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Ever dreamt of breaking free from the shackles of corporate life? Well, now’s your chance to live the dream! in Fred’s Cereal Company, you play as a fed-up employee stuck in the dreary world of breakfast cereals and office politics. Your goal is simple: escape the confines of this stuffy cereal company and embrace the sweet taste of freedom!

But don’t start planning your vacation too soon, cause your boss ain’t gonna make it easy for ya. He’s got a serious case of “No one quits on my watch!” and he’s determined to rain on your cereal parade. Prepare yourself for a wacky, over-the-top obstacle course of cubicles, copy machines, and office mayhem!

Your daily escape room cereal with horror flavor

As you make your way through the office building, you’ll encounter all kinds of hilarious obstacles. There’s a giant pyramid of cereal boxes blocking your path? No worries, just climb to the top using the breakroom coffee machine as a booster and surf down the other side on a giant milk carton slide. Because why walk when you can ride in style, right?

Unlock doors by finding hidden cereal box codes and navigate through secret passages disguised as the snack closet. And if you ever get stuck, just remember: there’s no problem a spoonful of imagination can’t solve! Oh, and watch out for those pesky co-workers who try to rat you out to Fred. Sling rubber bands and throw paper airplanes to distract ’em, and maybe they’ll join you in your quest for freedom – safety in numbers! So, brave cereal crusader, step out of the corporate box and enjoy the thrill! It’s time to pour out the milk and munch on some wild fun!

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