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Poppy Playtime 3

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The game is a horror game with elements of survival, in which the view is made from the first person. The main character is an employee of the Playtime company. One day he received a letter from other workers who are considered missing. After that, he decides to return to the factory, which is at that time abandoned. The player needs to move around the territory where the production used to be, along the way solving various puzzles, thanks to which you can get further into previously inaccessible areas.

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The player’s main tool is a special gadget called the GrabPack. It is a backpack with pull out handles. With their help, you can touch different objects, if they are far away, pull out various things, create a conductor for the mains. You can also access some types of locks on the doors. In the third chapter of the game, the number of possibilities of the gadget has increased, as well as the variety of approaches to puzzles.

The plot here is only partially served directly, since the main part of it has to be restored with the help of video cassettes scattered around the territory, as well as other items. You can skip them or specifically look for them in all corners in order to fully restore the chronology of events. In addition to the old characters that have already met in the series and loved by the fans, new characters will appear. The duration of the game has also been increased compared to previous chapters.

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