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Baldi’s Fun New School Plus Ultimate Edition

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In the game, you again have to go back to school and face the teachers. Only here, not ordinary classes are held, and for unfulfilled tasks you will not be given a bad mark. For a failed level, you will be captured by one of the teachers, and the further fate of the player will remain unknown. It perfectly combines the horror genre, hidden object, adventure and other interesting areas.

Fresh breath in a familiar story

The game is gradually adding content as it is under development. There is already a choice of different tasks, a store for buying items, inventory and a map. By completing various tasks, you get rewards that make it easier to pass, reveal more history and provide new items.

At the moment, the game has 9 game modes. The main one is the story mode, in which the main character goes on an adventure looking for notebooks in various classrooms. At this time, teachers are chasing him. Despite the fact that they move slowly, they can catch up with him if the player gapes or surrounds him in the hallway. Therefore, the routes need to be thought out carefully and not drive yourself into a dead end. Along the way, you need to collect notebooks, which are located in different parts of the school. You can accelerate, but this will consume a stamina bar.
In the free play mode, you can again go through different levels of the story. The maximum mode assumes that the player needs to collect all 18 notebooks in order to complete the game with a positive outcome for himself.

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