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Grimace’s Basement

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Every fast-food restaurant has a basement. A place where all the supplies, equipment and god knows what else is stored, along with the darkest secrets of the seemingly innocent place. Behind the vibrant exterior, under all the fuss, and chatter, and chewing hides something sinister and dangerous. Check out Grimace’s Basement and see for yourself!

Don’t go into the basement!

The game begins rather routinely. You’re asked to go to the basement and question and fetch the ingredients for the new Grimace’s Birthday meal that is hot in McDonald’s right now. But little did you know that Grimace, a cute purple blueberry drawn on the paper glass of the new shake, is there, all flesh and bone (all right, maybe no bone), waiting to lure you into his juicy trap. Watch out, your five-minute prowl through the basement may well turn into a horror adventure where the stakes are as high as your adrenaline levels!

So, what does Grimace wants? That’s what you’re bound to find out. And make no mistake, he’s not here to just mindlessly jump scare you to death! He has his own hidden motifs and drama. And maybe uncovering his secret will give you a key to getting him out of your face. Or rather, grimace. But no spoilers! It’s a long way before you can get at least any clue to what’s really going on here anyway. Right now, focus on finding the ingredients you were sent for and pray that Grimace doesn’t come lurking your way!

Brace yourself for a bad horror trip!

Grimace’s Basement is a murky and unsettling place. The maze meanders into the darkness, leaving you wonder what’s around another corner. You need to get through numerous doors, climb up and down the ladders, crawl into vents and holes, what not. And the items you need to pick up aren’t just lying there, waiting. You have to explore every corner of this labyrinth to discover them.

Make sure Grimace isn’t following you! You never known where he’s about to pop up next, so you’d better be extra careful. Stay alert and keep your senses sharp to take action if things go south. Good luck escaping from this haunted basement and finding out what Grimace is up to!

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