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Ronald McDonalds Horror

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Do you know Ronald from McDonald’s? Then you definitely know his bestie! It is Grimace is a lovely character everyone loves. These two love good food and delicious beverages. But this time, something goes terribly wrong, turning their next adventure into a survival. Are you keen on learning more about this story? It starts with the birthday of Grimace, but develops in rather a strange way!

Enjoy a new shake!

McDonald’s loves its mascots and always tries to make nice gifts to them on their special occasions. Grimace is a known fan of all possible milkshakes. And a shake with a new recipe is definitely going to impress him. Moreover, all the guests of fast food chain are also offered to enjoy a new beverage. However, after the first consumers taste it, a terrible thing is revealed. The shake is lethal for the most of them. People simply die after tasting it. What is going on?

Is a shake really fatal?

You will be offered lots of short horror episodes to witness how the Grimace shake affects different people. It will be more than exciting to guess what will happen to the next person drinking it. Do not hope that it will pass unnoticeably. Something weird will definitely happen. Will your personages remain alive in the end? Nobody can give you a definite response. You must see everything with your own eyes. Are you ready to start? But do not say then that you were not honestly warned. Have incredible fun in a series of cool adventures with Ronald and Grimace. Note that they are not going to be your friends in the majority of the situations.

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