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Five Nights at Freddy’s

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A game that in a fairly short time has become a classic and managed to give rise to many sequels and prequels that reveal the story. Here is the classic mode available online. Here you have to play as a security guard who stayed on the night shift at Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria. He still does not know that this is not an easy place and not everyone can live here until the morning, since at night this site turns into something completely different from what visitors and other workers see during working hours.

Are you still not afraid of closed spaces?

In the game you will be constantly in one place, namely, in the guard’s booth. But the problem is that at night, the animatronic figures that serve to entertain and attract visitors come to life. They are trying to get to the one who remains in the room. At night, you have to face them alone, as there are no other people here.

You may not leave the premises or use any items. The only thing that is available to you is to monitor the rest of the premises with the help of cameras placed in different places and control some devices remotely. The use of cameras and different devices leads to the fact that battery power is wasted. You need to survive until the morning so that the animatronics do not attack you. If the charge runs out completely, then you will not be able to defend yourself and this is very likely to lead to death. Also, you can not look at the cameras too often and use mechanisms. You need to find the optimal balance and survive all five nights to get rid of this nightmare that will not let you go until the end of the game.

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