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The Baby In Yellow

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The next night of an ordinary nanny who looks after babies promised to be quite calm and should not carry surprises. It all starts, as usual, when you need to calm the baby if he is nervous, feed him if he is hungry. After some time after feeding, you will have to change diapers and then you can already put to bed. But it is only at the very beginning that it may seem that you have a simulator of a nanny caring for babies. After you put your baby to sleep in a dark room, quite creepy and unforeseen things will begin to happen.

The baby is a danger

The game belongs to the horror genre, where you have to calm down not a simple baby, but one possessed by otherworldly forces. Already on the first night, you can notice that something is wrong, although this is only the beginning. The kid in yellow will not leave you alone until you can solve all the problems during the game and find the clue to what is happening here to escape. Despite the great experience of the nanny, she faces the most difficult case in her hard work.

You have access to the whole house with part of the open doors. Everything that is available at a certain level can be useful for passing it, so you need to study every corner. With each night, the baby in yellow will behave more strangely. This requires more original and non-standard solutions in order to survive the next level. You will need to find active objects, move the baby to different rooms, look for objects for him and perform other actions in order to survive.

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