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Funny Park

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The main character of the game needs to go to a factory that produces toys for children and understand what exactly it is hiding. This is not a standard factory, which is only engaged in the production of various figures and other things. At this enterprise there are many secrets and mysteries that the character has to solve. The view in the game is presented from the first person.
One of the main parts of the gameplay is moving around the locations of the toy factory and solving puzzles along the way. It is often impossible to go further without solving the riddle. The player has a special beam gun, which allows you to solve many issues with movement. This is the main tool for promotion, since without this thing it is impossible to imagine how to get out of the conditions set.

Creepy secrets of an abandoned factory

Gradually, with each completed stage, you will be able to get close to what exactly this factory is hiding behind. To get an answer, you need to go all the way to the end, since there will be no turning back as soon as you enter the territory of the enterprise. To your attention will open a lot of rooms with different content.

The game has a nice design in a children’s style. Rooms and corridors, along which you will have to move during the passage, are well detailed. It perfectly immerses in the atmosphere and the whole adventure can be completed in one go. Riddles do not create great difficulties, but are quite interesting and require dynamic solutions.

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