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Grimace Shake Roblox

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It is a new project on your beloved Roblox. You may have already enjoyed dozens of horror adventures here. But this time is a new story with a new monster. Wait, you may know him very well, actually. It is Grimace! Does the name tell you anything? Yes, this is the cute purple creature you may have seen in McDonald’s advertisements. Are you ready for something new and very exciting?

It is only a milkshake!

The story starts when McDonald’s mascot celebrates its birthday. To surprise the creature, the company decides to prepare a new recipe of a milkshake for Grimace. It had to be a delicious surprise but turned out to be a trap! Whoever drinks this Grimace shake, can immediately die! Is that really true? There is only one method to discover it – you must try it yourself. But there is a warning – no one can predict what will happen to the player who dares to make even a few sips of this weird shake. Are you still here? Then let’s waste no more time!

Enjoy it to the fullest!

You are offered to gain an absolutely cool experience. This game contains a lot of cool mini games where you will witness the most incredible scenarios. The fact that you can never guess what consequences a mysterious shale will bring the next time makes the whole adventure especially enjoyable. So plunge yourself in this hilarious entertainment to see the most unbelievable outcomes. Have lots of fun with treacherous Grimace!

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