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Welcome to a brand new horror adventure with Grimace. If you love McDonald’s, you must know this personage very well. It is a huge purple creature that often appears in the company ads and campaigns. This time, the cool beast is not friendly and joyous as you usually see him. Now it is a monstrous creature that will try to catch you in a spooky labyrinth. Despite he seems clumsy and slow-paced, Grimace will turn out to be extremely agile and determined to catch you when he notices you on his territory.

Find all the shakes!

Is there a chance to get out if this terrible place? Of course you can survive if you do everything correctly. You know well that your opponent is mad about milkshakes. This is something that he cannot refuse from. So if you give him his favorite beverage, you will delay your opponent for a moment and win some time. Are you sure you can find all milkshakes hidden around? You will be able to use a flashlight to simplify your search. But move as fast as you only can as the evil monster is literally following you on your heels. You will love this cool interpretation of the recent trend with the Grimace shake that has managed to become viral in just a few days. Have fun with tricky Grimace!

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